Letter from Stacey

I am truly humbled by the tremendous support and encouragement that I received throughout this campaign. I met some amazing people with amazing talents and unbelievable passion. There is no way to express how thankful I am for all of you!

I am so appreciative of our regional team, and how well we have worked together. I believe that we can become a real force for change that can bring hope to the many, many people in the region who have given up on a positive future for Ontario.

I am proud that Waterloo Region Greens worked so hard to not only share our ideas locally, but we also worked tirelessly to ensure a success in Guelph.

Thank you – whether you voted for us, donated, took a sign, helped spread the word on social media, or worked with us on the campaign. I am incredibly grateful to be part of such an amazing team. I believe that by continuing to work together people in our community will respond by trusting us with the huge responsibility that government brings.


Waterloo Region Green Party Candidates Release a Made-in-Waterloo Region Platform

The Green Party is gaining momentum across the province. Leader Mike Schreiner has crossed the province meeting with enthusiastic people who want integrity, intelligence and honesty in their choice and Schreiner delivers. In fact, Mainstreet polls predicted Schreiner would win his seat in Guelph.

Across the region our candidates and their teams are out everyday talking with potential voters. Looking at lawn signs reveals that people are tired of the status quo and find the Green platform refreshing and clear in objectives.

Today, the Green Party candidates for Waterloo Region Green Party have released a made-in-Waterloo Region platform to let the people in this region know that their Green candidates will be strong advocates for the needs of this community. Because they understand the value of collaboration and cooperation, the candidates created the document as a team.

Read the Waterloo Region Green Party Platform here

For more information contact:

Stacey Danckert, Zdravko Gunjevic, David Weber, Bob Jonkman, and Michele Braniff at 226-476-4529, 6 Duke St E., Kitchener, Ontario.